Brief Synopsis

All Against the Law is an exciting fast-paced true-crime history with much new information about the Depression’s four successive Public Enemies Number One’s careers. Incredibly aggressive killers, they murdered a record number of policemen and FBI agents, in numerous unbelievable escapes from pursuit and prison.

The FBI was created to stop them, but librarian J. Edgar Hoover failed to train his agents in police work causing one botched and often tragic raid after another. Hoover failed to stop major crime, frequently violated Constitutional rights, and blackmailed errant Congressmen’s votes to become an unaccountable malevolent fourth branch of the federal government.

All Against the Law finally solves the bloody Kansas City Massacre of lawmen; the forty-year reign of that city’s unbelievably corrupt political/Mafia machine is revealed. The Mafia ran the police department and stuffed ballot boxes to make Harry Truman win every election. After reaching the White House, he became the only president to sell out to organized crime.